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Welcome to Oxford Software Engineering

Software organizations come here to find better ways of working and delivering better software.

We work with our clients to identify and fix software development and test problems, select or develop the right processes, reduce costs, add value to their work, and achieve formal recognition of their capability.

For twenty years we have been working with developers, testers and managers to deliver effective, real world solutions. Our experience gives us strengths in understanding and analysing the difficult problems and constraints software development organizations face, and the ability to find and deliver the optimal, and occasionally, unexpected, solution.

Our assignments have taken us into many industry sectors. We are familiar with working with many of the software development and test methods, models and standards - and have helped develop some of them.

 Producing software is difficult; we can make it easier...

 If you need to:

-          improve your software or service quality,

-          introduce contemporary development methods,

-          realign, repair or add value to your software development capability,

-          reduce development risks, timescales, or costs,

-          troubleshoot or rescue stalled or failing projects or process improvement programmes,

-          or achieve and demonstrate conformance to software development or test standards,

then we are here to help you.

How we work…

Everyone’s needs are different and we work in a variety of ways to meet these needs:

Contact us to find out more. We are at:

Oxford Software Engineering Ltd.                                                              
47 Common Road
North Leigh
Oxfordshire. OX29 6RE, 






ABE 2017…

Off to Warsaw to try out the ‘software project considered harmful’ ideas again….