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Over the years we have been privileged to work with software organizations of all sizes and across industry sectors including:

·         Engineering

·         Telecommunications

·         Government

·         Health

·         Defence

·         Finance

·         Commercial

·         Pharmaceutical

Our work in these diverse environments has made us sensitive to the software development context and software development cultures, equipping us with the critical ability to recognise and select the most appropriate and effective approaches for rapid delivery of high value software development, testing and management solutions, and the introduction of new technologies.

We are particularly interested in translating the methods and techniques developed by large, world class software organizations to make them cost effective in smaller organizations and software teams, where the majority of software is produced.

Excluding training assignments our clients include:




·         Alcatel

·         Arcordia Solutions

·         Avery

·         AXA IM

·         British Telecom

·         CAP Gemini

·         Capital Bank

·         Citibank

·         Dell

·         Equant Application Services

·         Fujitsu Services

·         GCHQ

·         Geoquest

·         ING Bank

·         ING Direct

·         JP Morgan

·         Lamri


·         Liberty IT

·         Lloyds Bank

·         Lockheed Martin

·         Neueda

·         Nexor

·         Nycomed Pharma

·         Raytheon

·         Reuters

·         Royal and Sun Alliance

·         Schlumberger

·         Telcordia

·         Testing Solutions Group

·         Wandel & Goltermann

·         Xerox








What’s New    PODS    Products & Services    Library    Presentations & Papers    Related Sites    Events    History     Our Clients 

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