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OSEL was established in 1993 as a software engineering consultancy. The founders had previously been leading a software engineering and process improvement initiative within one of the UK's major engineering companies since 1988. As our name suggests, our approach is engineering oriented, based on many years of systems and software engineering practice.

The initial focus of OSEL's work was the provision of dependable software engineering and process improvement consultancy services based on our knowledge of…

Software Measurement – we instigated, developed and implemented software measurement programmes, backed by  research into fundamental software process measures, for use across seventeen, diverse software producing companies.


 Evaluation of software methods and tools (Technology Transfer) – we were one of the industrial partners in the DTI’s seminal DESMET project established to develop the tool-set to measure the benefits of software engineering technologies. Paper here and article here


The SEI's Capability Maturity Model (CMM) – actually its predecessor report (Ref: CMU/SEI-87-TR-23) - was used by us to understand software development capability in order to know what process improvement not to try. Prior to the maturity model we were finding some things worked and other didn’t; the model gave us an invaluable understanding of why this was. We believe that we were the first adopters, outside the US, of the SEI assessment method. Later we contributed to the baselined Software CMM v1.1.


Software Process Improvement – we conducted a wide ranging survey of software development characteristics across several organizations, assessed their software development and support practices, identified improvements, and planned and led their change programmes.


SPICE (ISO 15504) – for a while we were part of the working group establishing the SPICE model's requirements.


…to a software industry where these aspects of software development were still novel.

Since then we have continued to develop our understanding of software development practice and issues and to develop our services and software and other products. We have developed a range of solutions to many of the recurring problems of complex systems development. In particular our PODS utilities and project information manager and the Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) toolset provide simple and cost effective solutions in the short timescales demanded by the current business environment.












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