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We are continually developing new software engineering and process improvement products to make software engineers and managers more effective and productive:






Software Engineering Tools:
PODS is a set of software engineering utilities that instrument development activity to give a detailed, real time picture of software quality and project status, as well as easing routine development tasks – See our PODS page.


We can provide you with sets of the fundamental procedural tools required for developers and managers to maintain effective control of software development.








Software Process Improvement Tools:
Real, cost effective SPI is an exploratory and potentially risky activity that needs to be managed with care. We have many years of SPI experience and have encapsulated this in the RPI toolset. This simple, teachable set of tools puts in place SPI best practice without delay or undue dependence on scarce experience or expensive consultancy.








Software Development Infrastructure:
World class software development organisations have discovered how to get the best out of their software development capability with good organisational infrastructure. The development of this infrastructure normally takes years to develop and become effective. We have learned from the best and have developed a number of robust infrastructure models and prefabricated infrastructure processes that can be quickly adapted and begin working in weeks, rather than the usual months or years.













Our services include:





Process Engineering:
The potential value of industry standard software development and management models (RUP, PRINCE2, XP, SCRUM, CMMI…) is widely recognised. They can give software development projects many benefits, but tailoring them for operational use can be costly and risky. Working directly with project managers and planners OSEL's Process Engineers can put in place in your projects the essential and high value parts of these models, to meet your real world needs - and constraints - delivering measurable benefits to the projects, and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy, delay and technology transfer costs.








Software Development Evaluation:
Our independent assessment and evaluation services are carefully scoped and mapped (mapping generic reference models to your operational models, not visa versa – business first, model second - always) to give you insight into the operation of your software development activities; so you can evaluate their alignment to your business objectives and compare their operation to software engineering models and standards. Reports - ranging from a targeted, cardinal points report through to a comprehensive diagnostic - identify organisational strengths and weakness, activity patterns, stress points and best practices, together with practicable proposals for improvements. Where earlier evaluations have been conducted changes in software development capability are identified allowing the effectiveness of process improvement activity to be assessed.








Process Improvement Planning:
From the understanding and communication of business need, through to the tactical planning of process and technology introductions, our PI planning identifies the high value changes to development capability and reduces the risks associated with technology transfer.








Software Process Installation:
We can install and (if needed) operate key elements of software development processes, carefully tailored to your needs and capabilities, in a matter of weeks. We are developing a Software Production Engineering capability for the rapid, low cost, low risk introduction of software technologies and processes. Processes include:

  • Requirements Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Project Tracking and Reporting
  • Risk Management








Managed Services:
The best software development organisations equip their projects with the infrastructure and services – Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Process Groups - necessary to make them more productive. These can be an expensive time consuming overhead for small to medium sized organisations, especially those required to demonstrate conformance to software engineering standards such as CMMI, or PRINCE2. We can supply you with the infrastructure and services you need to make your projects productive and meet development standards by providing you with a set of cost effective, managed services, called upon only when required. You get the benefits of world class infrastructure but with only a fraction of the cost.








Training and Workshops:
We have a set of well developed workshops and training courses ranging from introductory courses on the principles and practicalities of software engineering - useful for establishing organisation process baselines - to customer designed courses to meet your specialised needs – see our training page.








 Contact us for details and prices for these products and services:  email (additional contact details on our home page).




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