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These sites may prove useful for software developers, managers and those involved in understanding, improving or measuring software or software development practice. If you know of a useful site you would like listed here please email us at


The Office of Government Commerce

The British Computer Society

The UK Software Process Improvement Network is the BCS specialist group that provides a forum for software process improvement practitioners. Whether you are new to SPI, or have many years of SPI experience, this is the forum for you. To get yourself or your organization on the mailing list email us at with your name, organization and interests. You will then receive notification of forthcoming events.

The Centre for Software Reliability


The Software Engineering Institute

The European Software Institute

The Software Engineering Laboratory can no longer be traced. However there is an interesting paper on lessons learned by this organization.


The Software Engineering Book of Knowledge

SPICE (ISO15504)  - link broken

Joel on Software


 Other Resources:



 What’s New    PODS    Products & Services    Library    Presentations & Papers    Related Sites    Events    History    Clients 

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